Who are we?

Based in Seoul, South Korea, our goal is to reach brands and companies from all around the world and connect them through our application. We believe that we have something [ NEW ], that will be able to take the beauty industry by storm. With mixing our passion of videography and beauty together, we have decided to create BeautyBlock, a one-stop shop for all things Beauty.

Our Team

With a team of freelance web developers and a managerial team of 3, BeautyBlock is a fast growing multi-media application that will always give you 100% of their attention whenever you need it.

Our Vision

With the tagline of ‘Love One Another’, we believe in sharing the ‘love’ of beauty with the world. Our motto has always been to be kind to yourself, and to others, while sharing our passion and love for self-care. After all, one way to truly love yourself and one another, is by taking care of each other, isn’t it?
Our Logo

With the base colors of Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow, we represent the bright side of the global beauty industry. We have something [ NEW ] to give to the huge and international beauty industry, giving everyone a way to connect with everyone else all around the world, bringing the global beauty industry together in a fun, yet profitable way.